Within the information right now: Surprising completely nobody, Donald Trump reportedly had excessive reward for Adolf Hitler. And talking of Hitler, Majorie Taylor-Greene compares COVID-19 prevention to the Holocaust. Once more. Republicans proceed to confess that their solely purpose on infrastructure is to delay and destroy any probability of a deal. Ohio’s Republican governor says it’ll be straightforward for LGBTQ folks to get different well being protection after he screws them over in his finances. Republican Home Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy will quickly present his allegiance to terrorists when he publicizes the Republican members of the choose committee investigation into the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. 

A number of the issues you could have missed:

John Kelly reportedly ‘shocked’ after Trump refused to stop praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speed walk through the Holocaust Museum didn’t teach her anything

Republicans don’t even try to hide the truth—they don’t want Biden to build back anything

Republican governor signs state budget with sneaky last-minute anti-LGBTQ provision

McCarthy masterfully shot himself in the foot on the Jan. 6 select committee

And from the neighborhood:

Rudy’s legal defense crowdfunding effort Is tanking. Hard.

Crazed White-wing Mom claims CRT will make ‘Antifa Kids’ attack her children