In its first week, Mindy Kaling’s new streaming HBO Max comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls went overboard on woke advantage signaling and liberal name-dropping. On Thanksgiving Day, three extra episodes had been launched and, in a single episode, the highlight was on woke feminists – particularly, defending their use of pronouns and protected areas.

The present facilities round 4 freshman faculty ladies who share a dorm collectively at prestigious Essex Faculty in New England. Leighton (Renee Rap) is the imply lady who was beforehand known as the Melania of the group and is a closeted lesbian. In episode 3, “Le Tuteur,” she’s doing group service on the faculty’s Girls’s Middle as a result of she was caught ingesting and vandalizing faculty property.

As she introduces herself on the middle, she stirs up hassle by not falling in keeping with using pronouns and a “protected house” bell. Their over-sensitivity comes off as ridiculous and comical to regular viewers, however Leighton’s put in her place by the chief, Alicia (Midori Francis), as a result of it “actually does assist individuals” and disrespecting the sharing of pronouns “makes you suck” and “sound like a extremely dumb, cis bitch:”

Ginger: I really like that Susan B. Anthony is being honored within the Essex Portrait Gallery. I am simply saying, the artist clearly enhanced the scale of her breasts.

Lindsay: Possibly it is symbolic of her feminine energy.

Tova: Or possibly she truly had an enormous rack. How would we all know?

Leighton: Hey. I am Leighton. I received caught underage ingesting. That is why I’ve to work right here.

Ginger: I am Ginger. She, her, hers.

Lindsay: Lindsay. She, her, hers.

Alicia: Alicia. She, her, hers.

Tova: Tova. They, them, theirs.

Leighton: Hmm. Oh, proper. Positive. Nicely, I am she. Clearly.

Alicia: Cool. I oversee all of the volunteers.

Leighton: Oh, nice. Ought to we discuss scheduling? Um, I used to be considering that I might work mornings from 9:30 to 10:15-ish, after which, , spherical that as much as an hour, for timesheet functions.

Alicia: Yeah, that is not how this works. I am going to inform you after we need assistance, and that is once you’ll be right here. Like tomorrow from 5:00 to 10:00, you may be serving to with our feminist poetry group.

Leighton: As tempting as that sounds, I am sort of busy on Fridays.

Alicia: Shit, I did not notice that. Possibly we must always simply shut down the entire place until you are free.

Leighton: Okay, I’m from New York, so I can inform that you simply’re being sarcastic.

Ginger: Hey, that is, uh, getting slightly tense. I am gonna hit the Secure House Bell.

Leighton: What?

Ginger: It is a bell that we hit after we assume it might be good to have a protected house.

Leighton: Uh, is not this already a protected house? [ding] Okay. I am simply saying that possibly we have gotten slightly bit too delicate as a society if even a protected house is not— [ding] Oh, my God!

Alicia: It is all good, Ginger. What we do right here, whether or not it appears silly to you or not, actually does assist individuals. So, we’re not searching for your suggestions in the intervening time, okay? Oh, and do not say your pronouns are apparent. That makes you suck. Suggesting that you do not have to make use of your pronouns when different individuals do makes you sound like a extremely dumb, cis bitch. [ding] I heard it, Ginger! Welcome to the Girls’s Middle, Leighton. See you at poetry evening.

There was additionally a little bit of name-dropping within the new episodes as Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) raves about Beto O’Rourke’s abs. And when Leighton tells the ladies she’s had the “worst day of her life,” Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott) mocks her by asking, “Oh my God, did they cancel your reservation at Mar-a-Lago?”

In episode 5, “That Remark Tho,” Leighton tells her brother Nico (Gavin Leatherwood) she’s bringing among the ladies from the middle to his frat celebration. He asks, “Doesn’t the Girls’s Middle hate frats and need to shut us down?” Leighton replies, “Sure, however all the pieces they learn about frats is from the Kavanaugh hearings” and needs to indicate them it’s “not as unhealthy as they assume.”

We’re solely midway by way of the season, so there’s nonetheless loads of time for extra woke advantage signaling, sadly.